People watching

I often think of great things to write about and work up an idea in my head only to find that if I did write what  was thinking someone would be either hurt or want to hurt me. Which isn’t my intention. I like to provoke but not to the point of causing hurt.

In my working life I focus a lot on personalities and in doing so need to know my own wee set of characteristics pretty well.  I credit much of this awareness to my mentor from a previous employment who was, in some ways, brutal in his delivery methodology, however incredibly accurate in his ability to help a raw consultant (as I was at the time) come to terms with my myriad of strengths and limitations. Once I managed to realise that I wasn’t psychotic I became curious about pretty much everyone else around me.

I began to watch people, it is amazing what you can see when you really look at people.  So last night I went for a quick pint with some people I kind of know…. We were joined by another group and in amongst them was a proper Alpha Male, the sort that is rough around the edges but has had to conform to the environment in order to blend in.

Let me set the scene for you. We were about 8 people sat around a table with various conversations going on, within the group were two business leaders and the rest of their teams. Of the eight, two were female, me and one other, she was highly self assured, her long hair falling below her shoulders, a slightly inappropriate top just about hidden below a chunky jacket. An alluring image, innocent yet interesting she was careful not to take a dominant role in the conversation, fixing her beautiful eyes on whom ever was speaking at that moment in time.

Alongside our group arrives the secondary party with our Alpha Male  who closes the distance from the bar in confident wide shouldered strides. He pulls up short to the main group and his posse surround him quickly becoming a male singularity.  The lure of this entity clearly became too much for our original cohort who gradually drifted one by one to the black hole of maleness that was developing in size and loudness.

Then, the unexpected, our Alpha Male makes a bold move, he does so quickly without hesitation. He joins the now depleted initial group, he has seen a weakness, an empty stool positioned right beside our young beauty. Our Alpha Male is no fool, he takes position, engages his nearest aspiring Alpha Male in conversation with only slight regard for his female youngling.  Her interest piqued she leans in, her hair cascading forward, falling lightly against his shoulder… and that is where the story ends… I had to leave for another appointment…

Who knows what will happen next though one thing is for sure… I will keep watching.

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