Day 4…WTF?

How in the name of God did we get to Wednesday? A question that I really only ask when I am over here. Time seems to gather it’s heels and speed up in a mix of training, sleeping, eating, meeting people at Starbucks and going right back to either training or sleeping depending on the time.

I do love this routine it has to be said, it seems to easily find me and feels like a comfort blanket. OK, I’ve just re-read that last line and it does sound like the ramblings of a post pubescent teenager who likes wearing lots of black! But the general thinking is sound. It could be said that I like living a somewhat chaotic life so to go from that to a pretty regimental process… should be more challenging, but it isn’t. I really like it.

We were discussing this today when someone commented that ‘there are too many distractions at home’ and this set me thinking… I completely agree with the statement, but my question to myself was, just how often do I defer to distractions and accept that life has to be a certain way? OK I am reading this and thinking that this is one of those blogs that I will read in a while and wonder what the hell I was on. For the record, I’ve had a lot of coffee today.

Image result for distractions

Every single article I have read about reducing distractions says the same thing and they all start with… stop/reduce digital pressures! I really liked the one that talked about how we are a slave to our devices and then suggested downloading an App to measure how often we are distracted by said same device. There is usually mash up from there of look after your physical health, take regular breaks, don’t drink too much alcohol or caffeine (I have definitely failed on that one today) and there is usually a nod to ‘removing negative people from your daily life’. Easy right, when do we start?

So I’ve got some plans for when I get home, some promises I’ve made to myself and a plan to reduce the distractions. I’m a series planner/breaker so we will just have to see how things go.

So Day 4, lots to think about, good training followed by excellent conversation and sharing, even more planning with the Germans for their Gasshuku in a few years… a lot of relief that we don’t have to plan something on that scale for a while :). Sensei Linda was good enough to take a group of us for the evening class and the day was topped off with some drinks in the wee food market. All in all another great day.

Maybe less coffee tomorrow.

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