Going visual

So I’ve taken the plunge and gone from a Gopro to an actual camera. I’ve been wanting to do more video editing and creative stuff for a while now but I just never seem to get around to it. I’ve even set myself the task of learning Da Vinci Resolve, which is a free program for video editing. Looked great when I downloaded it… I’ve been on a flight for 12 hours and I am none the wiser as to how it works. I may go back to iMovie for a while and tip away at trying to teach myself this new fangled stuff.

So yes I find myself in another airport, this time Haneda, Tokyo. I’ve managed to find an elegant wee cafe which is hidden away from the tonnes of people who are making their way to all sorts of exotic places. I seem to have arrived in the skiing season as many boot bags were emptied as their excited owners made their way through security.

Posh Coffee in Haneda

The flight here was remarkably non eventful, other than the fact that it was a very empty flight overall. I had an entire row to myself and there were entire center rows that were completely empty. Those working in the cabin were in great humour as they had little to do really, I dropped down to grab a tea at one stage and they said that the flight was less than a quarter full! It did mean we got extra food from beyond the curtain which was good. My new found friend even offered me booze, but, since I’m doing dry January I thought no, I’ve made a promise and green tea it was. Also who drinks hard spirits at 11am? 🙂

The new camera is now connect to my laptop and 20 minutes of technical manoeuvring have taken place to allow camera and laptop to speak to each other. There has been a bit of cursing, restarting and then actually resorting to reading the instructions to figure out how to get everything in symphony. I have more reading to do…

The first of my videos downloads and the jazz music that is keeping everyone nicely entertained and calm is shattered because for some reason the first movie decides to start to play by itself. For some reason my laptop volume is set to earth shattering levels and I’ve probably committed some huge faux paux as far as the lovely businessmen who are in the cafe are concerned. I’m so flustered that I can’t turn the bleedin’ sound off fast enough and inwardly I’m kicking myself. I’ll need to figure out why it decided to go it alone and I’ve not had enough coffee to deal with this sort of thing now. I’m now terrified that the other video clips will now start to self launch but I’ve turned my sound well and truly off.

Very quiet flight

The wee progress bar tells me that things are happening albeit slowly and I’m fighting all the temptations to unplug and start again. I’m now in that state where I need to watch for my flight and yet not find myself wandering around aimlessly and/or falling asleep. I probably don’t have time to do any video editing just now… certainly no chance I’m going to deliver anything via the mystery that is Da Vinci Resolve… Right probably should go and see what’s happening with my flight I can’t make this coffee last any longer, the last dreggs are now really cold and I do need to have a look at my departure gate.

FindFriends tells me that my other half has made it home from his Christmas party. Yes his work Christmas party was on tonight. His dry January also came to a halt tonight.

Me smug… just a bit. Just the rest of the month to go…

Apologies in advance for the vlogs that are to follow. It’s all still a bit experimental.

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