The boffins amongst us will attest to the fact that cold and flu viruses are more virilent in the winter-they circulate much better etc etc. We don’t go out as muchImage, we prefer group activities (cinema, theatre, concerts) and most of us are stressed in our work before the holiday  breakup.  It’s a perfect storm of virology and emotional fatigue. Which, in my case resulted in the arrival of the dreaded sniffle!

From my Irish background, the way to treat a cold/flu is to ‘man up’, to put on an extra layer and to simply get on with it. God knows (we invoke God a lot in Ireland) how many people have had further complications because of their desire to just work through it. We know that the heart is already working harder when faced with a cold or flu… so a workout of any sort is going to put it into more stress.

Which is all lovely science… which goes up in smoke when, like me currently, you can’t go training. You see for the last few days I have progressively deteriorated to the couch bound, paracetamol dependant, shivering, remote control surfer.  There is of course nothing of interest on the television.

Worst though is that this is not the plan I had.

Last week, at work I was looking forward to this week, I had it all planned out. The training, the weights sessions, the kata practice… then last Saturday I went training. I was struggling at that stage but was only in the early stages of this bloody cold. Even still, I should have known I was in a bad place when the walk to the station caused me to get severely out of breath.  The rest of the class was a physical and mental challenge, with an internal willing to my heart not to give up.

Everyone has sent me messages to rest and drink water, honey, lemon, don’t overdose, stay warm, gargle whiskey,  but honestly, I feel time is just slipping by and I am angry that I cannot train. In a moment of resistance I decided to pick up a chi-ishi cause surely the cold couldn’t have made it to my wrist… (no jokes please) it appears it did and also nearly managed to take out the sliding door window at the back of the house.

So I guess I need to wait this one out. Still not happy though.

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