So I ended up in a demonstration tonight… not by choice it was simply on my way home. A few minutes after leaving the office all I could see was cyclists lying on the road at Bank intersection… I was to learn this was a  ‘die in’. There were thousands of ‘dead cyclists’ littered on the road- it was  deadly quiet and immediately moving.

It was then that I started to look around and to ‘see’ who was part of this rally,  every walk of life was represented, young, old, professionals, students as well as the family of Ying Tao.  I passed through Bank a few minutes before she was killed and to see so many Londoners back here to remember her in a show of solidarity and caring made me proud of London.

Everyone has an opinion of cyclists etc etc…but this was not about jumping red lights or taking over the city streets, it was just about people getting to and from work safely. Even the car and bus passengers stopped by the gYingTao2406arid lock began to partake, horns were silenced and the main sounds were that of clapping and the ringing of bicycle bells in support. The noise reached a crescendo and bikes were held aloft  I saw a tear run down the face of the husband of Ying Tao and he repeatedly bowed to the gathered demonstration.   I can’t imagine what he was feeling.

Before long the traffic was moving and Bank intersection was back to normal. After a few miles my tears dried in the lovely evening sun.

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