It’s been a year…

So I haven’t published much lately. I have written a lot of stories but they are not ready to be put on line… West Sussex offered the chance to take stock recently, a 2 day off site with a great bunch of people and amazing surroundings. I found myself thinking IMG_0057 copyabout a lot during morning training, which was not in any way helpful to my training, the last year, wow, it’s been a fairly mixed bag to be honest.

To paint a picture, it was 05:45 and I had  a lovely corner of a golf course, there was a light mist and I shared my eye line with a few bunny rabbits and a heap of pigeons. With the trip to Okinawa a week away I was conscious to get in as much training as possible so my Chi-Ishi came with me.

Anyway, that’s not the reason for this piece,  I was struck by how much has changed since the last trip to Okinawa. Friends have married, had kids, moved across and around the world and others (+Mum) have sadly passed.

I can almost taste Okinawa and the amazing experiences I know that will take place there, I want now to grasp each and every moment and marvel at the mundane and the exquisite.

Stay tuned. More to follow. Just this week to deliver successfully and then we are off!


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