Lessons learned… Day 2

I arrived into today at 04:00, totally awake and ready to go… the transition from UK time is still a challenge at the moment. No relaxing, stretching or drinking of peppermint tea was going to allow me to get those vial extra hours of sleep, until an hour before I had to get up.

Sensei Linda had told me of her plans to train at 09:00 in Higaonna Senseis’ dojo and so, after seeking sleep for hours, I fell into the deepest sleep with about and hour to go before I needed to get up. Typical. The alarm, set at a level that shook the house took me a fair while to realise that it was my get up call!

Morning training was the start of a return to humanity and although the actual training felt like I was in a pool of treacle, being in the dojo, training in silence with everyone intent on their own progress felt lovely.

But that is not the point of this blog. Today I learned a lesson. It was a stupid lesson, one that should have been obvious to me, but instead of taking my


time and organising myself properly…


Let me explain in a  different way… please observe the

picture to the right.. this was taken in the middle of my pre evening training nap today. I decided to freeze my water… water, ice expansion…

So ahead of training, I plugged out the poor victim and headed to training. My main worry, if the bottle had pierced the freezer… would I come back to a room full of refrigerant?

More over, if I did would I end up paying for the price of a new freezer…I am happy to report that todays wee panic is over and the freezer is fine.


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