Busy… Day 3

The jet lag is finally starting to abate and I made it to 04:30 this morning before I was wide awake and ready to go! Kokubo Sensei was in the dojo when I arrived just before 09:00 and it looked as if he had done a fair amount of training at that stage. Morning training is not quite as hot as evening training but only by a wee bit, at least that’s the theory right… half way through jumbi undo I was well and truly leaking!

I have tried to work on a plan for the morning sessions that focus on different areas to improve upon… I also have a list of things that need work, and for the morning classes it’s these areas that I am trying to work on… so for example, I want to make my kicking muscles, the ones that initiate the kicks stronger. Which means working on very small areas again and again and as someone said to me today, even working on a small muscle, with what might look like a small movement… mother of God the pain…

I took the plunge today and went for the katsu curry for lunch… this might prove to be a huge mistake as it was delicious… like really delicious and there is a huge danger that I will go home with some sort of katsu addiction…

Forgive the bite… I was overwhelmed by the smell and forgot to take the picture…

Sensei Linda mentioned that there was a procession ahead of the tug of war tomorrow and that it would go down Kokusai Dori after lunch. All of Okinawa turned out it seemed…the colours, dancing and all round sense of community was amazing and despite the now vicious sun I couldn’t drag myself away from the proceedings. Naturally an ice-cream was needed to ensure that body temperature was maintained at a manageable level…




Whilst the first half of the procession seemed to be for kids, the second seemed to end with the presentation of a ‘king’ and ‘queen’… I think…

This didn’t look light!

After a brief and well needed snooze it was back to the dojo… there is no schedule class on a Saturday rather self training. However, Kokubo Sensei asked if people wanted to train with him and the group decided in favour. I have to say, I loved this session, a fusion of different focus areas and ways of doing everything from bunkai to stretching. I’ve taken pages of notes on some of his points… and the best part… stretching and meditation at the end… lying down, lights off… bliss, I almost fell asleep, had the whole death tremor thing going on…(hypnagogic jerk) and all!

Now it’s bedtime… there is a plan to run to the beach for sun up tomorrow… not sure though… stay tuned…




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