Very busy now…Day 6

IMG_0214You can get all sorts of things here that I have not easily seen in the UK. One that I tried last night was this foot ‘patch’ that was supposed to pull out all the toxins etc. I decided last night was the time to try it and to say I was sceptical is putting it mildly.

Anyway, I put it on and went to bed, becoming aware over time that it was tingling a bit… In the morning… the pads were totally brown… So I am without toxins 🙂 Time to top up again then 🙂IMG_0038

Today is also a special day, it’s Paddys birthday and I am sorry not to be with him, but I have sent a case of beer from our favourite brewery Brew Dog.

There was the option of going to the dojo at 0700 for training… I had every intention of going but woke at 6.50 and so the need for coffee superseded running out the door to training. That said, when I did manage to get my act together and get to the dojo there was a wee crowd outside waiting for the first class to finish.

Senseis Ernie, Roy, Paul and Peter were training this morning and it was like a throw-back to January… Sensei Ernie set up a circuit and after each completed revolution we did a Sanchin (normal, turning or tensho).

Once completed, we moved on to Suparinpei Kata which was broken down into chunks.

I was very tired today for some reason and had a snooze after training, waking up afterwards with a shock thinking that I had missed the next session!


The afternoon was made up of lovely walks with breaks to cool down along the way and the usual end point of Starbucks on Kokusai dori.

Evening training was led by Kokubo Sensei who led a stretching class andhalfway through we were joined by the lovely Natsuko Minegeishi who many will know for her amazing vocal abilities ! Always with a smile, she has come over for the gasshuku on the invitation of Higaonna Sensei!

All in all a great day!

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