IMG_0233I think my jet lag is peaking today. I generally wake early enough and then snooze till I need to drag myself out of the bed, but today, I was counting the minutes until I needed to drag myself up… and even then I was bartering in my head how I could cut down on the things I needed to do before leaving the house.

A days work later… and I am packed in like sardines on a train that decided it was going no-where at all and rather liked Waterloo Station. The train that was scheduled to leave 10 minutes after mine was now leaving in 2 minutes and we were still on the platform, so I squeezed myself from the stranded train and managed to find myself a seat on a train that was set to leave in what was now… 1 minute. As soon as I sat down the new train  the first one pulled out. Brilliant.

The good thing was that there was space on this train, I was joined by a woman in a blue dress who melted into the seat opposite me. As she sat down I noticed how her dress looked tight, in honesty, she looked uncomfortable and seemed self conscious. All that said she was very beautiful and then suddenly she looked quite shocked. It seemed the reason for the shock was the equally as handsome man who pretty much glided into the seat beside her! Now these guys looked like they should be in a catalogue. There was lots of hugging and telling each other how well they looked and then the guy seemed to spot something. He said nothing and the conversation seemed to shift to a calculation about how long it had been since they had last seen each other.

The train was still not moving and the guard decided to make an announcement that really said nothing, we were held back due to congestion and no one had a clue when we were likely to leave, no one knew which train would leave next… bla bla bla…

The two opposite me continued to reacquaint themselves, although it was clear that the body language was somewhat strained. Names were remembered, places they had visited and I couldn’t help but wonder if they had previously been a couple. At this stage of the conversation it had been established that she had moved home from Australia and that she missed the sun.

Finally the doors closed and we started to move… at this rate I would make karate but it would be tight… not ideal when you are supposed to be teaching…

By the time we reached our first stop a silence had descended over the pair and it looked like both were trying to think of something to say…

Loads of people got off at Clapham Junction and the guy decides to see how long he has before he is left alone. As it turns out they now live one stop from each other, so he takes a breath and goes for broke, ‘we should grab dinner sometime, catch up properly’… no sooner had he said it and our girl starts to tug at her cardigan, her voice breaks and there is a small cough before she admits that she is now living with Amber and Purple. Turns out Purple is the latest addition to the house and is a slightly less than friendly feline who is 6 months old. Amber is 14 months old and is apparently not settling well with the childminder. This the first week that our girl is back at work…

We arrive to Earlsfield and our guy is off, the dinner is a no go, there is a tense hug a promise to look each other up on Facebook and that’s it… I can’t help but wonder how these two knew each other… guess we will never find out…wonder what their story could be…




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