No day is a normal day here…

So I hear that there is a threat of snow from  home… at least that’s they were saying on the radio, in between talking about how perhaps Prince Phillip might have been blinded by the winter sun. They went onto talk about the state of the road, interviewing an advanced driver and someone who was a coach driver at 74, who said he was always in control of his coach… safety of his passengers and all that, mind you he started the interview at 22.30 in the UK, with “good morning” which I have to say didn’t inspire confidence. There was much talk about the Prince and his age, but no one talked about the other driver… Then you put yourself in Okinawa… different story… 

Yesterday I didn’t run, it was just too wet, I woke at about 5.30 but all I could hear was the rain hitting the balcony, the same balcony where all my karate suits were out to dry. I just about rescued one before it disappeared over the side and into the small space between mine and the building next-door! That would not have been a good news story. The added time in bed was very welcome, we’re getting to the business end of the week and the body is starting to get tight, so I used the time to call home. 

Higaonna Sensei arrived to the dojo as we were working through kata with various messages for Nakamura Sensei et al. I have to say he looks to be in great form, the class on Tuesday night is one for the memory book that’s for sure. He was grinning from ear to ear as he told us he was going to take the class for Kata that evening. Then he was off. Umbrella in hand and clearly on a mission. 

I decided to for a walk after training to get some Okinawa footage as the rain had started to abate, but the only colour that I seemed to see was grey. That said, I also had a mission… presents to secure and in particular one T-shirt for Mr. Morrison. In January last year I found an amazing t-shirt that really suited him, so off I went to try and find the same shop and try and guess the sizing. 

I’ve found a great wee café in the market a year or so ago, run by a tiny old lady and when I say old, by local standards that means she is not far off 150! I’ve learned from visiting that she does the cooking from a tall stool in the middle of the kitchen. From this vantage point it seems that she can see and reach everything and judging by the ‘noise’ she is very much in control of… well everything! I don’t need to order anymore when I head in, but they let me try in my feeble attempt at Japanese 🙂 

Both the wee old lady and the lovely lady who manages the seating area and till recognised me when I visited for the first time this week. They have heard of Higaonna Sensei and refer to him as ‘big Sensei’ always asking if I have pictures from the dojo on my phone. Yesterday, I only needed to nod when they suggest that I might want Goya Champuru but this time when it arrives there are 2 other dishes that they want me to try. After my meal I go to pay and they won’t take any money for the additional dishes and no amount of persuasion or pleading was going to make a difference. 

The dojo was again the destination for the evening class and Sensei certainly kept his word, Kata was the focus and well… I am pretty much convinced that I  know very little about karate. I see a lot of training in my future. All that said, I am very grateful to those who took the time to point out my myriad of mistakes. 

Tomorrow is another day… sad to say that they are getting fewer the days that are left… 😦

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