…and we’re off

Another trip to Okinawa begins. I’m gonna admit, this trip I’ve had a count down for about 5 months and it seemed for ages like as it was just not getting any closer. Then 1 week out and I get sick, not just your normal garden variety sick, no my entire immune system decided to switch itself off and ignore any and all negotiations for a return.

So the run up to this gasshuku had been perfect up until last Friday… I was training 3 times a day, feeling like I was getting stronger and to top it all off I’d lost 10kgs and generally life was good.

Then Friday I couldn’t speak… now, yes for most people me not being able to speak is a good thing but not only that it felt like I had razors in my throat. We had a fairly long meeting (of course) Friday morning and all I could think of was… can I please go back to my bed… all of course between the coughing fits.

Saturday and I decided it was fine to go training… I was teaching and to this day the 09:00 class remains a blur… I’m told it was good but I’ve no real memories. After getting home I basically didn’t get off the couch for 3 days.. Monday didn’t happen.

So all that work that I did ahead of this trip… well, it’s almost been a week since I’ve last trained, I had every intention of doing something yesterday but I woke up and decided I needed more sleep and that was that.

Now I’m in the airport, ready to set off and I’ve no idea how my cardio vascular process is going to cope… fingers crossed… just the two flights and then back to my spiritual home.

Can’t wait to see everyone!

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